Mark W. Miller & Associates is a local sales representative for BeyondReview, a data-driven discovery services company that uses visual classification technology and expert review attorneys to deliver end-to-end discovery with power, precision and speed.  Our overall process is a hybrid of the EDRM model steps from collection through production.  At the core of the process is the BeyondRecognition (BR) document visual classification technology.

Visual classification technology enables data management, analysis and governance tasks.  BR technology automates the collection, reduction, classification and governance of large volumes of data. It is unique in the fact that it supports data in any file structure, format or type.

We offer a personalized on-line meeting demonstration providing an overview of the technology at no cost to qualified Attorney’s, law firms, and document managers.

This demonstration is then followed by a proof of concept processing of data from your current case.  Once you see the speed and efficiency derived from BeyondReview’s document processing for visual classification, deduplication and automated redaction, we can provide you with an accurate quotation for services to enable you to analyze your cost savings over traditional eDiscovery review methods.

Please Contact Us and include a brief description of your needs.